Global Bispecific Antibody Market


For the treatment of tumors, various molecular targeted therapies are already available commercially. But to correctly apply these therapies for the treatments, there is a need for an in vitro functional potency assay. Organoid technology provides a remarkable tool for analyzing the efficacy of the various available molecular targeted therapies. A completely developed orgnaoid can be used to analyze the efficacy of the targeted drugs on the identified targets and model complex interactions between the tumor cells and immune cells to evalaute the potentail of selected thaerapy for the specific target. 


Organoid developed from the technolgy evaluates the  identified compunds and analyzes the most effective of all the available identified compounds. Due to the capability of the organoid technology to develop a target in the cancer organ, it has become more and more popular among the researchers. Being the miniature representation of the in vivo organs, organoid technology acts as a stable obejct to evaluate the the action of certain anti-cancer drugs and various treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy on the cancer carrying organ. The organoid technology holds the capability to represent a promising and a near-physiological model for the treatment of human cancer and other wide applications in the research of cancer.


From the day of discovery of organoid technology, researchers have exerted tremendous efforts into the treatment of cancer through organoid development and due to these enormous efforts, substantial progresses have been achieved and celebrated in the cancer research. Organoid technology has already springed up and is in the urge of becoming a successful independent research tool in cancer research and treatment. The methodology of organoid technology has encomapssed a collaboration between the targeted therapy and the organoid technolgy.