Global RNAi Drug Pipeline Analysis

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Global RNAi Drug Pipeline Analysis” by PNS Pharma gives comprehensive insight on the various drugs being developed based upon RNAi technology. Research report covers all the ongoing drugs being developed in various development phases. Each drug profiles include detailed information like: Originator, Owner, Collaborator, Technology Provider, Licensee, Development Phase, Development Indications, Mechanism of Action, Country of Development and detailed analysis on the development process. Insight for each drug profile in development phase enables the reader to identify and understand the RNAi technology associated with the various diseases.

This report enables pharmaceutical companies, collaborators and other associated stake holders to identify and analyze the available investment opportunity in the RNAi Drug market based upon development process. Following parameters for each drug profile in development phase are covered in “Global RNAi Drug Pipeline Analysis” research report:

• Drug Profile Overview

• Alternate Names for Drug

• Active Indication

• Phase of Development

• Mechanism of Action

• Brand Name

• Patent Information

• Orphan Designation by Indication, Country & Organisation

• Country for Clinical Trial

• Owner / Originator/ Licensee/Collaborator

• Administrative Route

• Drug Class

• ATC Codes

Breakup of RNAi Drug by Development Phase:

• Research: 26

• Phase-I: 88

• Phase-I/II: 5

• Phase-II: 10

• Phase-III: 1

1. Global RNAi Drug Market Outlook

  1.1 Current Market Scenario

  1.2 Key Drivers for Adopting RNAi

  1.3 Future Opportunity


2. RNAi Drug Development Phase: Research

  2.1 Overview

  2.2 RNAi Drug Profile in Development Phase


3. RNAi Drug Development Phase: Preclinical

  3.1 Overview

  3.2 RNAi Drug Profile in Development Phase


4. RNAi Drug Development Phase: Phase-I

  4.1 Overview

  4.2 RNAi Drug Profile in Development Phase


5. RNAI Drug Development Phase: Phase:I/II

  5.1 Overview

  5.2 RNAi Drug Profile in Development Phase


6. RNAi Drug Development Phase: Phase-II

  6.1 Overview

  6.2 RNAi Drug Profile in Development Phase


7. RNAi Drug Development Phase: Phase-III

  7.1 Overview

  7.2 RNAi Drug Profile in Development Phase

Each Drug Profile has Tables Representing Following Information:

• Alternate Names

• Originator & Owner

• Collaborator

• Technology Provider

• Licensee

• Highest Development Phase

• Indications

• Class

• Mechanism of Action

• ATC code

• Designated Brand Name & Orphan Designation