Morphosys Cancer Drugs Clinical Pipeline Insight

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“Morphosys - Cancer Drugs Clinical Pipeline Insight” offers in depth insight on ongoing clinical trials for the cancer drugs developed by Morphosys. This report highlights various clinical and non-clinical parameters involved in the development of cancer drugs in clinical pipeline. Currently there are “21” cancer drugs in clinical pipeline.

The report includes all the relevant information with respect to development of cancer drugs in the clinical pipeline. Report helps the reader in identifying various data and information points like Drug Class, Mechanism of Action, Granted Orphan Designation, Fast Track Development Status, Clinical Introduction, Drug Formulation/ Route, Owner/License, Multiple Development Phase of particular drug and Patent Information.

“Morphosys - Cancer Drugs Clinical Pipeline Insight” report is comprehensively researched and well drafted encyclopedia which helps to analyze and understand the various parameters involved in the clinical development of cancer drugs by the respective company. This research publication also helps in identifying the long term investment and partnering opportunity for the various stake holders of the pharmaceutical industry.

1. Morphosys

  1.1 Business Overview

  1.2 Morphosys Pipeline Overview


2. Morphosys Cancer Drugs in Research Phase

  2.1 Anti-Cancer Monoclonal Antibodies - MorphoSys/MD Anderson Cancer Center

  2.2 Monoclonal Antibody-Based Cancer Therapeutics - Immatics Biotechnologies/MorphoSys

  2.3 GPCR-Targeting Antibodies - Heptares/MorphoSys

  2.4 Anticancer Therapeutic Antibodies - Merck Serono/MorphoSys

  2.5 Antibody Therapeutics - MorphoSys / Temple University


3. Morphosys Cancer Drugs in Preclinical Phase

  3.1 Antibody-Drug Conjugates - Bayer HealthCare

  3.2 Cancer Therapeutics – OncoMed

  3.3 Wnt Signalling Pathway Inhibitors - Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals/OncoMed

  3.4 Antibody Therapeutics - MorphoSys/Novartis

  3.5 Antibody Therapies - Daiichi Sankyo/MorphoSys


4. Morphosys Cancer Drugs in Phase-I

  4.1 MOR209 ES414

  4.2 BAY 1187982

  4.3 Vantictumab

  4.4 NOV 10


5. Morphosys Cancer Drugs in Phase-I/II

  5.1 Elgemtumab

  5.2 BI 836845

  5.3 MOR 202


6. Morphosys Cancer Drugs in Phase-II

  6.1 Tarextumab

  6.2 Anetumab Ravtansine

  6.3 BHQ 880


7. Morphosys Cancer Drugs in Phase-II/III

  7.1 MOR 208


8. No Development Reported in Cancer Drugs in Clincal Pipeline

  8.1 VAY 736

  8.2 Anticancer Therapeutic Antibody - MorphoSys/Pfizer

  8.3 Therapeutic Antibodies - Boehringer Ingelheim/MorphoSys

  8.4 Anticancer Antibodies - MorphoSys/Roche

  8.5 Antibody Therapeutics - MorphoSys

  8.6 Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor Antibodies - MorphoSys/ProChon Biotech

  8.7 Anticancer and Anti-Inflammation Antibodies – MorphoSys


9. Discontinued in Cancer Drugs in Clinical Pipeline

  9.1 Carlumab

  9.2 BAY 794620

  9.3 1D09C3

  9.4 Anticancer Antibodies - MorphoSys/Bayer

  9.5 Anti-TIMP-1 Antibodies - Bayer/MorphoSys

  9.6 Antibody Therapeutics And Diagnostics - MorphoSys/Bayer Schering

  9.7 MOR 201

Figure 1-1: Morphosys Cancer Pipeline by Phase (%)

Figure 1-2: Morphosys Cancer Pipeline by Phase (Number)

Figure 1-3: Morphosys Cancer Drugs Discontinued & No Development Reported in Clinical Pipeline by Phase (%)

Figure 1-4: Morphosys Cancer Drugs Discontinued & No Development Reported in Clinical Pipeline by Phase (Number)