Morphtek Cancer Drugs Clinical Pipeline Insight

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“Morphtek - Cancer Drugs Clinical Pipeline Insight” offers in depth insight on ongoing clinical trials for the cancer drugs developed by Morphtek. This report highlights various clinical and non-clinical parameters involved in the development of cancer drugs in clinical pipeline. Currently there are “12” cancer drugs in clinical pipeline and majority of them are in preclinical phase.

The report includes all the relevant information with respect to development of cancer drugs in the clinical pipeline. Report helps the reader in identifying various data and information points like Drug Class, Mechanism of Action, Granted Orphan Designation, Fast Track Development Status, Clinical Introduction, Drug Formulation/ Route, Owner/License, Multiple Development Phase of particular drug and Patent Information.

“Morphtek - Cancer Drugs Clinical Pipeline Insight” report is comprehensively researched and well drafted encyclopedia which helps to analyze and understand the various parameters involved in the clinical development of cancer drugs by the respective company. This research publication also helps in identifying the long term investment and partnering opportunity for the various stake holders of the pharmaceutical industry.

1. Morphtek

  1.1 Business Overview

  1.2 Morphtek Cancer Pipeline Overview


2. Morphtek Cancer Drugs in Research Phase

  2.1 Modified Chlorotoxin Radiotherapeutics - TransMolecular

  2.2 Farletuzumab Radioimmunotherapy - Morphotek/University of Gothenburg

  2.3 Antibody Drug Conjugates - Concortis/Morphotek


3. Morphtek Cancer Drugs in Preclinical Phase

  3.1 MORAb 022

  3.2 212 Pb Ontuxizumab Conjugate - AREVA Med/Morphotek

  3.3 Monoclonal Antibodies - Human Genome Sciences/KAN Research Institute/Morphotek

  3.4 Anticancer Monoclonal Antibodies - Morphotek

  3.5 Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutics - Human monoclonal international/Morphotek

  3.6 Antineoplastic Monoclonal Antibodies - Morphotek/John Wayne Cancer Institute


4. Morphtek Cancer Drugs in Phase-I

  4.1 MORAb 066


5. Morphtek Cancer Drugs in Phase-II

  5.1 Ontuxizumab


6. Morphtek Cancer Drugs in Phase-III

  6.1 Farletuzumab


7. No Development Reported in Cancer Drug in Clinical Pipeline

  7.1 Amatuximab

  7.2 Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutics - Morphotek/University of Pennsylvania

  7.3 Cancer And Infectious Disease Monoclonal Antibodies - Morphotek/Alexion

  7.4 Anticancer Monoclonal Antibodies - Champions Oncology/Morphotek

  7.5 Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutics - Morphotek/University Hospital Heidelberg


8. Discontinued in Cancer Drug in Clinical Pipeline

  8.1 TM-601-I-131

  8.2 TM 601

  8.3 MORAb 028

  8.4 Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutics - Morphotek/Wistar Institute

Figure 1-1: Morphtek Cancer Pipeline by Phase (%)

Figure 1-2: Morphtek Cancer Pipeline by Phase (Number)

Figure 1-3: Morphtek Cancer Drugs Discontinued & No Development Reported in Clinical Pipeline by Phase (%)

Figure 1-4: Morphtek Cancer Drugs Discontinued & No Development Reported in Clinical Pipeline by Phase (Number)